Markus Portfolio

If your here then you should have seen my resume if not here’s a Link. This page is designed to help make your decision to hire me easier. Below are some projects I worked on.

The site still under construction. I’m using WordPress for the file management as well I made my own php theme. The php can be found here: Github.

GoGame was a school project. I was on a team of 6 people with the goal to make the game of Go. I worked on the logic and rules of the game, doing the back end logic. We used java as are language of choices and collaborated using Git hub and slack. I was still learning git at this time so my branch end up diverging from the master branch.

Ai-cat-and-mouse another school projects, is an example of some different Ai algorithm. This was also worked with a small team of 3 people. I was task with writing up tests and translating the data.